Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act

Many rainforest communities are listed under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act (FFG Act)1988 (state legislation). These include all cool temperate rainforest, four specific types of warm temperate rainforest and one type of dry rainforest.

For more detailed information on rainforest and the justification for their listing under the FFG Act, download the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) Final Recommendation Reports as pdf files (130-210kB each):

Along with rainforest communities, some rainforest endangered species are also listed. These include the Slender Tree Fern (OREN Website)

The FFG Act also lists threatening processes. A critically threatening process to rainforest is Myrtle Wilt, a die-back disease which kills Myrtle Beech trees. Myrtle Wilt threatens Nothofagus (myrtle beech) dominated Cool Temperate Rainforest in the Otways, Central Highlands and Strzelecki ranges.

See more about Myrtle Wilt (OREN Website)

NO Statewide Rainforest
Action Statement

According to the FFG Act 1988, all threatened communities, species and threatening process listed under the Act must have an Action Statement completed 'as soon as possible' after listing.

Now 15 years later a Rainforest Action Statement has still not been completed.

The fact it has taken at least this long to get an Action Statement completed demonstartes how the Victorian Government prioritises logging interests over conservation interests.

It is expected the final rainforest Action Statement will be released at the in conjunction with the completion of the review of the Code of Forest Practices process in 2007.