State Wide Extent of Rainforest

Pure rainforest stands occupy only 0.14% or about 31,000 ha of the total area of Victoria (227,600 sq km). Cool Temperate Rainforest and Warm Temperate Rainforest make up the bulk of this rainforest.

Mixed rainforest stands have still not been mapped in the Central Highlands so the Victorian Government still does not know how much of this rainforest type exists despite this rainforest being targeted for logging.

See more about rainforest that is still logged due to poor identification.

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Size of Victorian Rainforest EVC by type

Cool Temperate Rainforest 17,700 ha
Warm Temperate Rainforest 9,489 ha
Overlap 269 ha

28 ha

Mixed Rainforest
(or mixed forest)
possibly 4000 ha
Total* 27,483 ha *

Source: Regional Forest Agreements

* total excludes Mixed Rainforest(mixed forest)

Rainforest within State Forest by region

Rainforest that is not protected within dedicated reserves is under threat from clearfell logging practices.

  Total area of rainforest ha Amount in State Forest
ha (% of total)
East Gippsland 9,824 6,564 (67%)
Central Highlands 12,970 7,289 (56.2%)
Otways** 1,270 **
Central Gippsland 3,419 1,134 (33%)
Total* 27,483 14,987 (54.5%) *
Source: Regional Forest Agreements, East Gippsland and Otway Forest Management Plans.

* total excludes Mixed Rainforest(mixed forest)
** All Cool Temperate Rainforest on public land in the Otway region will be protected from logging by 2008. See more.