Central Gippsland rainforest

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Central Gippsland contains two distinct rainforest communities. Cool Temperate Rainforest contains myrtle beech and southern sassafrass and grows in the Strzelecki Ranges. Warm temperate rainforest is found at Wilsons Promontory.

See map of statewide rainforest distribution

Wilson Promontory

All Wilson Promontory rainforest sites of significance are protected within a National Park.

See photos of warm temperate rainforest at Wilson Promontory (Rainforest Site of Regional Significance).

Strzelecki Ranges

Most of the rainforest in the Strzelecki Ranges is under threat from logging by "private land" logging operations. These rainforests are under a 100 year lease to an international American plantation logging company called Hancock.

(See the Hancock Watch website regarding logging in the Strzelecki Cool Temperate rainforest. Also see Merrimans Creek Rainforest.)

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