RSOS in the Central Highlands

Logging within National RSOS breaks the governments own rules.

RSOS Technical Reports not completed

Need for independent assessment of RSOS management in Victoria.

Central Highlands
Rainforest Sites of Significance

Of the 40 Rainforest Sites of Significance (RSOS) in the Central Highlands, only five of these sites are fully protected within dedicated conservation reserves. The rest of these sites are either fully or partially within State Forest and threatened by current clearfell logging practices. (Note: RSOS that are wholly within dedicated reserves such as National Parks have not been the focus of this study as they are assumed to be protected from the threat of clearfell logging.)

For more information about the threats to RSOS see issues listed on the left of this webpage.

The map and list below is connected to a database that provides a profile of all RSOS that are partially or totally within State Forest in the Central Highlands (numbered sites).

RSOS are color coded as National, State and Regional.

Download Central Highlands RSOS overlay

RSOS profile data base similar to that already developed for East Gippsland RSOS under development.