Review of Code Rainforest Buffers

VRN has been successfully influenced the draft Code of Forest Practices for Timber Production and proposed Rainforest Action Statement to increase the protection levels for rainforest in Victoria!

Victorian Rainforest Network welcomes the proposed changes that will enhance the level of buffer protection rainforest received from logging operations in Eastern Victoria. See press release.

The Victorian Rainforest Network (VRN) has been working for the past three years with government processes such as the EPA code audits and code review process to amend problems with the 1996 Code of Forest Practices.

The specific rainforest Code elements VRN has focused on and achieved positive results for include:

  1. provide sub-catchment buffers to rainforest stands of national significance. This will bring the new Code into line with the intent of the 1996 Code.

    At stake is a 480 ha area of very contentious forest within the East Gippsland State Forest area (some of this area has already been logged) located within ten National RSOS. The proposal means the national sites will have the buffers to protect against logging increased to a sub-catchment level to protect core rainforest stands.
    See maps.

    There are currently at least five areas (coupes) in East Gippsland currently scheduled to be logged within the 480ha buffer area that will not go ahead if these changes to the Code occur.
    See maps and more detail.

  2. the minimum area for rainforest recognition has been reduced to being 0.1 Ha. The current minimum area in 0.4 ha. See more

  3. the official recognition for mixed forest in the Code. See more

  4. new rules to increase all buffers to 60 metres for Nothofagus-dominated cool temperate rainforest to standardise the protection against Myrtle Wilt. This will bring the new Code into line with the intent of the 1996 Code.

    VRN welcomes the addition of 700 ha of forest, mainly in the Central Highlands which will be included within the increase to 60 metre buffer.

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