Cool Temperate Rainforest

Cool temperate rainforest has the most extensive range in Victoria with at least a total of 17,700 ha growing in the Otways, Central Highlands, East Gippsland and South Gippsland.

This rainforest type generally exists in high rain fall, higher altitude fertile environments.

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Cool Temperate Rainforest in Victoria is dominated be either myrtle beech or southern sassafras or a combination of both.

Each region where this rainforest exists has its own unique variation with the most obvious differences being the canopy trees that make up the rainforest.


East Gippsland
Cool TEmperate rainforest

Typical southern sassafrass dominated cool temperate rainforest of East Gippsland.

Foliage close up of a southern sassafrass, East Gippsland Cool Temperate Rainforest.

Central Highlands
Cool Temperate rainforest

Cool temperate rainforest dominated by myrtle beech at Christmas Creek on the south face of Mt Baw Baw

Cool Temperate Rainforest in the Acheron Rainforest Site of National Significance

Cool Temperate rainforest from the road in the Cement Creek Rainforest Site of State Significance.

Southern Sassafress (left) growing with a myrtle beech in the Acheron Rainforest Site on National Significance.

Huge old growth myrtle beech trees in the Acheron Rainforest Site of National Significance.

Cool Temperate Rainforest

Blackwood(left) and myrtle beech(right) grown in combination in Otway rainforest.

Old growth myrtle beech rainforest at Ciancio creek, Great Otway National Park.

Old growth myrtle beech rainforest within in Aire River Heritage corridor Great Otways National Park.


Arkins creek shown in image above is flowing through rainforest shown in image below.

Unmapped rainforest in the lower reaches of Arkins Creek surrounded by old growth forest. (Now incorporated into expanded Great Otway National Park).

Cool Temperate rainforest

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