Current Issues

Logging of Victorian Rainforest Sites Of Significance (RSOS)
Major Update 5th July, 2004

Proposed Logging of Mount Bullfight Rainforest
(Central Highlands)

Rainforest destruction in East Gippsland
(link to Goongerah Environment Centre)

Upper Bunyip rainforest issues (Dandenong FMA)

Strzelecki Ranges
(link to The Strzelecki Website, covering in detail rainforest issues in the region)

Campaign Information
Wood Utilisation Planning (WUP) Submissions for:
Central Forest Management Area (CFMA)
East Gippsland Mangement Area (EGFMA)
Dandenong Forest Management Area (DFMA)

Dept' of Sustainability & Environment (DSE) submission responses
Central FMA response

(This brief letter is not considered an adequate response to the Victorian Rainforest Network's comprehensive public submission)
East Gippsland FMA response
(This is a partial response from the Department of Sustainability and Environment to our public submission)
DSE Head Office
(Questions awaiting formal responses)
Dandenong FMA
(Still awaiting a response)

Victorian Rainforest Politics 1980-2003


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