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The Victorian Rainforest Network (VRN) is an independent and politically unaligned network of rainforest enthusiasts, researchers and activists with a shared interest in rainforest conservation and education across Victoria. See VRN objectives


  1. I was very interested to find your site. I formerly lived in Sydney, and often saw rainforests in the Blue Mountains NP and Royal NP.

    I was surprised to learn in those parks that the boundary between eucalyptus forest and rainforest can be extremely sharp. You can have your left foot in one, and your right foot in the other.

    My understanding is that rainforest contains no eucaplytus whatsoever, whereas I see that in many of the photos on your site there are eucalyptus trees.

    I was surprised recently to discover that very close to Melbourne there is an extremely small patch of rainforest. No-one seems to know about it, there is no signposting–perhaps just as well.

    This small rainforest is not shown on your map, and I wonder whether you are even aware of it. I’m thinking that this may be a secret that you don’t want people to know of. Maybe I should say no more. It’s lasted for thousands of years, probably because those who know about it are saying nothing. Perhaps I don’t know a rainforest when I see one, but this place is very moist and there are absolutely no eucalypts at all. It absolutely fits the picture I have of a rainforest.

    I’d be interested to hear your comments!

    Robert Crouch

    Comment by Robert Crouch — October 26, 2009 @ 12:25 pm

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